Opportunities for New Postdocs

Research topics include: Machine Learning, large-scale genomics, medical record analysis and modeling (including text & images), transcriptome analysis & modeling (in particular splicing), statistical genetics, cancer genomics, metagenomics, longitudinal models for precision medicine.

Work on algorithms and computational analysis, in close collaboration with physicians, biologists, other computer scientists or statisticians. Collaborate with others and lead projects. Do imaginative basic science that brings advanced computational techniques into impactful biomedical applications. For more information about our research, check out our research summary and publications.

Interested postdoc applicants should have a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Statistics, Computational Biology, Medical Informatics, or in a related field, a solid publication record and strong professional references. The ideal candidate has demonstrated experience in the analysis of medical data or genomic, knowledge of molecular biology and/or medicine, and significant programming experience pertinent to the analysis of large and diverse datasets. Candidates should send a research statement, a CV and a cover letter including names of three referees to Gunnar Rätsch.

If funding via a fellowship is possible, please contact Gunnar Rätsch in order to discuss support and possible research projects.

Please send inquiries about the lab and possible projects as well as applications by email to Gunnar Rätsch and use “#application” in the subject line.