Opportunities for New Doctoral Students

The Biomedical Informatics Group welcomes applications for doctoral student positions. Ideal candidates have a solid technical education (computer science, machine learning, statistics, math, physics) and a vivid interest in Medical Informatics, Genomics and/or Molecular Biology or.

Applications can be sent directly via the Department of Computer Science’s admission system. We also participate in multiple graduate programs offered by the Life Science Zurich Graduate School of ETH Zürich and University of Zürich. In particular the Molecular and Translational Biomedicine program of the Competence Center Personalized Medicine, the Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Molecular Life Sciences program and the Systems Biology program.
Prospective graduate students may apply directly to any of the above graduate programs and mention Gunnar Rätsch in their application. Candidates should also feel free to get in contact with Gunnar Rätsch before submitting their application to discuss the program(s), the research environment, and the laboratory’s research. In addition, it may help to write an informational email to Gunnar Rätsch when the application to has been submitted.

For more information, please contact Gunnar Rätsch and use “#application” in the subject line.